The bee and the wind

Short movie / 12 minutes / Italy / 2009 / 35mm, Colour


Matteo, a young engineer, returns to the mountains of his childhood to visit his father's grave. The serene atmosphere is interrupted by a bee that lands on his hand. When his car runs off the road into a snowbank, Matteo seeks help at a nearby farmhouse. There he meets Giulio, an elderly and eccentric farmer who recuperates the car with an old tractor then invites Matteo to stay for supper. The young engineer feels obliged to stay the night in the house full of memories, sentiments and nostalgia






Italian Foreign Press Golden Globe 2010 / Winner Jury Awards 

Nastri d’argento 2009 / Special Mention for Best Screenplay and for Best Cinematography

Venice Circuito Off 2010 / Special Mention for Best Young Director

Salento finibus terrae / Winner Best Film

Corti&Cigarettes / Winner Best Script

Festivals & Awards



Buenos Aires Baci Film Festival

Festival de Huesca 

Milano Film Festival (MIFF)


Ischia Film Festival

Est Film Festival

Euganea Film Festival

Corti da Sogni


Novara Cine Festival

Ladyfilm Festival

Corto per Scelta

Festival Scope


Noci Corto Film festival





Directed by Massimiliano Camaiti

Starring Elio Germano and Philippe Leroy

Produced by Casta Diva Pictures

Written by Massimiliano Camaiti and Filippo Bologna

Cinematography Michele D'Attanasio

Distributed by Blue Suede Shoots




On air



La7 and Sky (Italy), Pacific Voices (Japon) and HBO Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnie-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Poland, Kosovo, Bulgaria)