Short movie / 15 minutes / France / 2014 / Red Epic, Colour


Mathieu, a French man around thirty, has understood that to be loved by everyone, not to have any problem, he needs to offer the others what they want.

It may sound quite obvious, but for Mathieu the matter is a little bit more complex.

When a colleague who is against austerity measures asks him to go on strike Mathieu is ready to protest; but if another colleague just says he is in favour, Mathieu simply agrees. If someone wants to go to the cinema, to Mathieu any film is the same: drama or comedy, French or American.

But what is going to happen if Mathieu one day decides to rebel?





Corto Villese / Winner Best Film 

Sciacca Film Festival / Winner Best Film

Apulia Film Festival / Winner Public Award

Visioni Italiane / Best Actor



Tanger International Film Festival

Genova Film Festival

No Gloss Film Festival

The independent film festival for Leeds

Naoussa International Film Festival

Corto Cinema Pistoia

Comicron Festival

Napoli Film Festival


Frammenti Film Festival

Short TS, Trieste

Corto Imola Festival

Sardinia Film Festival

Corti and Cigarettes Film Festival

Videolab Film Festival

Trani Film Festival


InTe Cinema Festival

ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival

Festival dei corti Cinestesia

Lo Spiraglio Film Festival




Directed by Massimiliano Camaiti

Starring Michael Smadja, Céline Groussard

and Patrick D'Assumçao

Produced by Rosebud Entertainment Productions

Written by Massimiliano Camaiti

Cinematography Marco Graziaplena

Distributed by I Film Good




On air



Mediaset (Italy) and Short Shorts (Japan)